Q Doubles 2023

Congratulations to the Q Doubles 2023 finalist! Champions Zane Rowe / Chris Hogan defeated Kieran Estreich / Joe Ford at the Ipswich 8 Ball Clubhouse on Saturday 25th March.

Equal third and fourth were Thanh Bui / Anthony Nguyen and Neil Turley / Joe McClintock, solid effort from your teams/pairs.

We recognized the 42 players and commend you for your efforts plus wish you the best of luck in the future.

Event: Q-Doubles (Scotch Doubles)
AKA: Q ‘Open’ Association Doubles
Prerequisite 1: playing for a QEBF Affiliated Association
Prerequisite 2: playing A, B or C Grade for that Association
Dress: QEBF Dress Code
Date: Saturday 25 March 2023 9am
Entries close: Saturday 18th March 5pm
Capped: 64 Pairs (128 players)
Cost: $50 per pair ($25 per player)
Prize Money: as per entry fees
Rules: International Eight Ball Rules
Venue: Ipswich 8 Ball Clubhouse (Show Grounds)

Q Singles A Grade 2023

Q Singles A Grade 2023
Venue: Norths Cues Sports
Round Robin: 18 Players

Semi 1 – Kyle Thomson def Jason Rose
Semi 2 – Kieran Estreich def Brett Ringo

Final – Kyle Thomson def Kieran Estreich

Kyle Thomson

I played in the A grade Q singles making it through the round robin undefeated getting all 7 matches getting 18 out of 21 frames, then making it through the quarters and semi final winning 5-3 and 5-0 and winning the grand final 5-0 it was a great Saturday of pool

Q Singles C Grade 2023

Q Singles C Grade 2023
Venue: Norths Cues Sports
Round Robin: 20 Players

Semi 1 – Cooper Hawley
Semi 2 – Connor Cork

Final – Cooper Hawley def Connor Cork

Comment byTimothy Pattison

Congratulations!!! On winning,
Some advice practice breaking and potting 15 balls in a row do it for say 3 hours a night after school.
Cue control practice hitting through the white ball as tho you want your cue tip to hit the ball your wanting to hit with the white ball just below centre of the ball to suck the white towards you bottom right to go to the right and left hand side of white to go to the left.
Same hitting the white ball to get spin on white ball to go forward if you want to get onto a ball down the table hit through the white ball and the white ball will go down he table onto the ball you want to be on.

  1. Practice potting consistently first.
  2. Practice white ball spin control
    Sucking white bull back to you/ Away from you.
    Practice 5 nights a week, 3 hours each night.
    I play in Victoria, I only play for a league I don’t represent Australia.
    But it’s great to see kids get into the sport and see them progress I hope this advice sees you advance

Q Singles B Grade 2023

Q Singles B Grade 2023
Venue: Ipswich Eight Ball
Round Robin: 20 Players

Semi 1 – Dillon Pitchford def
Semi 2 – Marcus Osbourne def

Final – Dillon Pitchford def Marcus Osbourne

Elizabeth W
Congratulations Dillon you played well all day. Well done Marcus for coming Runner Up, Congratulations to you both

Alex C
Congrats Marcus. Solid effort. Well done everyone. Tuff field and was a great challenge

2023 Junior State Championships

What a weekend of 8 Ball. A Great mix of old and new faces. Some awesome talent on display. Our best attended Titles in many years.
Let me begin by thanking Ipswich 8 Ball Association for the venue and amazing hospitality as always. A great group of volunteers that keep everyone feed and hydrated across the long days.
To all the parents and players thank you for a hassle free and smooth couple of days. The sportsmanship displayed as always was impeccable.

Thank you to Trevor McDonald for your assistance in running the groups.
Our Champions for 2023
Champion – Xava Williamson (Townsville 8 Ball Association
Runner Up – Hura Huber
Champion – Cooper Hawley
Runner Up – Scotty Denston
Champion – Jackson Agale
Runner Up – Ty Stone
U18 Girl’s
Champion – Alysha Young
Runner Up – Destiny Smith

2023 QLD Junior State Team
Jackson Agale
Kai Craig
Ty Stone
George Hill
U18 Girl’s
Alysha Young
Destiny Smith
Cooper Hawley
Scotty Denston
Connor Cork
Xava Wiiliamson
Haru Huber
Congratulations to all of our champions and to those that have made the State Team.

QEBF Hall of Fame

Below are players who have been inducted in to the Australian Eight-Ball Federation QEBF Hall of Fame – The AEBF and States / Territories thank them for their involvement with the AEBF and 8 Ball at all levels of the sport.

  • Steve Hogan 23/03/2018
  • Jack Halligan 23/03/2018
  • Tanya Aiken 23/03/2018
  • Danny Higgins 23/03/2018
  • Steve Lees 

Q Doubles 2022

Q Doubles 2022 Final
Shout out to Lisa Smith and the Ipswich 8 Ball Association volunteers for assisting during the state event on Saturday.
Congratulations Macwin Fernandes n Adam List who defeated Ronnie Seeto n Mike Stone in an action-packed final.
Big thank you to all those who traveled and competed in the Doubles.
Have a safe journey home!