6.3 Secretary

  • Receive and conduct all correspondence on behalf of the Federation.
  • Take and maintain minutes of all Management committee, General Council, AGM and SGM meetings.
  • Maintain master copies and a register of amendments to the Constitution and By-laws.

QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The secretary is primarily responsible for managing the records of the incorporated association. The secretary will also: 

  • take and keep minutes for the incorporated association’s meetings 
  • keep the register of members 
  • take nominations for the management committee • provide appropriate notice to members for meetings 
  • call and convene special general meetings • arrange the meeting venue and prepare the agenda 
  • coordinate any correspondence or reports to be presented at meetings 
  • circulate the minutes of meetings to members
  • complete any actions arising from meetings that require correspondence 
  • receive all incorporated association correspondence and bring urgent matters to the attention of the president or treasurer if necessary.