6.4 Treasurer

  • Control Federation finances
  • Maintain the Federation’s accounts and financial records.
  • Regularly report to all member organizations and the Management committee on the Federation’s financial position.
  • Prepare annual financial statements and arrange for a formal annual audit.
  • Present the Audited Annual Financial Statements to the AGM.

QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The treasurer is primarily responsible for the financial management of the incorporated association. The treasurer will: 

  • keep and maintain an asset register for the incorporated association 
  • manage the petty cash balance and ensure the petty cash book is kept up-to-date 
  • keep all documentation for payments made including receipts, invoices and statements 
  • keep and maintain the incorporated association’s deposit and cheque books 
  • ensure all payments are approved or ratified by the management committee and are recorded in the minutes 
  • keep all financial records in Queensland 
  • keep either a receipt book of consecutively numbered receipts, or computer system records of them.