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Queensland Eight Ball Federation Documents

Queensland Eight Ball Federation Documents QEBF Affiliation QEBF Block Warning QEBF Calendar QEBF Constitution QEBF Dress Code QEBF Tournament Rules https://qebf.org.au/policy/

QEBF 2011 Zone Allocation for State Events

I have attached the relavent documents for 2011 Queensland State Events. 2011 ZONE ALLOCATION The Zone Allocation cut-off is Thursday the 30th of June 2011, only members of affiliated associations registered before that day will be included in the Zone Allocation. The QEBF will publish the Zone Allocation for each event in early July 2011 […]

QEBF Meeting 10th April 2011

QEBF Management Meeting 10th April 2011 : 4PM at Q-Masters in Brisbane On the same day is the Open ranking Tournament 9AM, any out of zone travelers may play in that ranker.

QEBF Affiliation WHY Affiliate

New member associations usually join the QEBF in the first week of April each year. Please review the attached documents;

Model League – Super 8

Here is a model of a Super 8 League. 8 Teams play a round robin for 7 weeks. After the round round the 8 are split into 2 divisions of 4 teams. The top/bottom 4 teams play a semi finals round robin for 3 weeks. After the semi finals round round the top 2 team […]

QEBF Constitution

The current Queensland Eight Ball Federation Constitution. Please review the attached documents;

QLD State Grants and Funding

Young Athlete Assistance Program https://www.sportrec.qld.gov.au/Funding/Overviewofallfundingprograms/YoungAthleteAssistanceProgram.aspx