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Day 1
After 11 gruelling hours the results are in for day 1 of the QLD Junior Titles.
First of all well done to all the kids who played today each and everyone of them played with highest level of sportsmanship you could of asked for.
Congratulations to all those who made the finals here are the final results.
U18 girls. 1st. Shaye Graham
2nd. Tamika Jenkins
3rd. Caitlyn Kunde

U15s. 1st. Billy Browne
2nd. Rhys Ferguson
3rd. Joe McClintock

It all starts again tomorrow with U18s and U12s taking centre stage. Live streaming will be set up for tomorrow’s matches.

Day 2 of the QLD Junior titles has come to a close and the results are in.

U12s. 1st. Jayden Dinga
2nd. Ambrose Adeney
3rd. Emma Carter

U18s. 1st. Samuel Burnett ( 3 years in a row )
2nd. Hayden Goode
3rd. Costis Willcott

Congratulations to all.