Justin Thursby wrote:

West Hobart's Mayfair on Cavell was an interesting accommodation experience to say the least. Pretty sure it and its staff have been there since the dawn of time. The staff though were exceptionally friendly and very accommodating, they made it heir business to ask how each of the kids were traveling and went out of their way to ensure we enjoyed our stay.

We all loved Bruce the Maxi Cab Driver. He made us his first priority and was understanding of our timetable difficulties. He even went out of his way to take photos and get them developed and handed out a copy to each of our crew.

As for the events at the Glenorchy Football Club:

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that QLD were the best behaved state on and off the table all week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the players and the parents. I have to say that I would have lost my mind if it was not for the three mothers that came along for the whole trip, I could not have managed without ya's. Thanks very much for your help.

Liam Butler, Under 18 QLD Champion and QLD Captain. 8th in Australia – Liam didn't perform anywhere near as consistently as I have become accustomed to seeing out of him. However I am yet to find a better natured human being on or off a pool table. Liam you are an absolute credit to the game of 8Ball. Stick at it mate, the 8Ball world is your oyster!

Dayne Van Kempen, Under 18 QLD Runner Up. 4th in Australia – Dayne performed consistently well throughout the week, he produced the best 8Ball I have ever witnessed to defeat his captain Liam 3-0. Dayne you thoroughly deserved your spot in the Australian Junior Team. Keep up the good work Danish 🙂

Jared Jensen, Under 18 QLD 2nd Runner Up. 7th in Australia – Jared impressed me from start to finish. This young man is a great ambassador for the sport. His composure around the table and excellent attitude under all circumstances enables him to win any tournament he enters.

Vijay Randall, Under 15 QLD Champion. Non Finalist – Vijay is an interesting character to get to know. Vijay matured a lot during his time in Tassie and although he didn't get the chocolates on this occasion, this young man has plenty of titles to look forward to in the near future.

Jayme White, Under 15 QLD Runner Up. 4th in Australia – Jayme impressed the hell out of me. Although he finished 4th he definately looked as good as anyone in the 15s. This young man is very intelligent and one of the quickest learners I've come across.

Hayden Goode, Under 12 QLD Champion. 3rd in Australia – Hayden lost his first two matches before finding something within and winning every match from there on in to top the round robin. Hayden consistently potted balls with ease that I would refuse to even take on. This young man posses more talent than I have seen in my pool career. Unfortunately Hayden didn't win this year's title but I can foresee plenty under his belt in the coming years. Hayden's sportsmanship is a credit to him and his family.

Robert Jenkins, Under 12 QLD Representative. Non Finalist – Robert was not at our state trials but our captain Liam spotted him and playing a game at the local hotel in Rockhampton. He was bought into the side only a few short weeks before the nationals. Robert was still learning the rules during the tournament, luckily though he is a very quick learner. Robert is very quiet by nature but some of the balls he knocked in during the tournament got us to make a lot of noise. Robert's behavior was perfect throughout the tournament, what a nice young man!

Yours In Eightball,
Justin Thursby
QEBF Junior Development Officer