Queensland State Masters Singles 2010 Champion is Steve Lees, well done champ.

Steve defeated Lenny Stein in the Queensland State Masters held at Q-Masters, Milton, Brisbane. Third was Rob Munster. Therefore the Queensland Masters team would be Steve Lees, Lenny Stein and Rob Munster, also next in line is Malo Chanfoon and then Gary Proctor.

Friday 3rd September 2010 9AM

1    1    SEQ    Steve Lees
2    2    SEQ    Pat Broderick
3    3    SEQ    Lenny Stein
4    4    SEQ    Gary Proctor
5    4    SEQ    Steve Chapman
6    1    CQ    Geoff Thursby
7    2    CQ    Bruce Adamson
8    1    NQ    Rob Munster
9    2    NQ    Malo Chanfoon

Queensland State Team Selection: Singles Champion gain automatic entry to the State Team.

Queensland State Team Selection: Second and Third overall gain entry to the State Masters Team.

(Masters: must be 50 or over 50 on the first day of the Nationals)

Captain, Manager, Umpire and Delegate are selected by the QEBF committee and will be notified in due course.

Interested persons may nominate or be nominated to the QEBF committee.