Queensland State Open Singles Champion is DANE BEETON

Dane defeated Barry Kitchener in a action packed final in the Queensland State Open Singles held at the South Townsville Bowls Club, North Queensland. Videos action custousy of Kimiko.

Thanks to the members of the Townsville Association for assisting through out the event.

Friday 26 August 2010 9AM

1    1    SEQ    Barry Kitchener: Runner-Up 4
2    2    SEQ    Dane Beeton: Winner 5
3    3    SEQ    Justin Thursby
4    4    SEQ    Steve Lees
5    1    CQ    Liam Butler
6    2    CQ    Paul Phillips
7    1    NQ    Kris Jones
8    2    NQ    Dave Eaglan
9    3    NQ    Rob Munster

Queensland State Team Selection: Singles Champion gain automatic entry to the State Team.