QLD Open team:
My first Nationals got off to a great start with a 13-11 win over WA and i won 2/3. Overall we beat WA, NT and ACT twice and lost to Vic twice. However our finals fate lied with the results against SA, TAS and NSW. In our first match with SA we led 11-5 going into the last set. We couldn’t finish them off and they fought back to snatch a 12-12 draw. Our second match with them was a disaster for us and they blew us away 19-5. I believe our tournament came down to the 2 matches with NSW and the first with TAS.

NSW fought back well and played great pool in both matches and again we couldn’t cross the winning line and got 2 draws with them. Tasmania held us to a draw in our first encounter, after we threw away chances to win. We beat them the second time we played them in the final round. It was disappointing to see WA go into the finals after we beat them twice in 2 great matches.

Congrats to Rusty for winning the Singles and getting Player of the Carnival, a huge effort. I was happy with my 50% for my first Nationals but not the way i won most of them. i know i can play a whole lot better.
Bring on Tasmania ’08
Dane Beeton