Queensland Eight Ball Federation

The Queensland Eight Ball Federation (QEBF) was established on Sunday the 30th October 1983.

Our first championship year was 1984.

The objects of the Federation are to:
 Nurture the sport of eightball in Queensland;
 Promote and develop eightball;
 Provide training and coaching programs for players and strategies generally designed to facilitate access to and participate in eightball;
 Arrange with affiliate members for the conduct of Queensland Championships in eightball;
 Affiliate with other organizations that may facilitate the advancement of eightball and attainment of the objects of the Federation.

The Queensland Eight Ball Federation affiliated with the Australian Eight Ball Federation in 1984 and remain active members. https://aebf.com.au/

The Australian Eight Ball Federation affiliated with the World Eightball Pool Federation in 1993 and remain active members. http://wepf.org/

Our playing rules ‘The World Eightball Pool Rules” as sanctioned by the Australia Eight ball Federation. https://8ballumpire.com.au/

The Queensland Eight Ball Federation are a Indoor Sport Member of QSport. https://www.qsport.org.au