AEBF Mens Singles 2007

Rusty ‘QLD’ 10 v Steve Woods ‘ACT’ 4

What a great match this was. Both players came out firing and at 3-2 Rusty, their had been 4 master breaks and mistakes punished. Then Woods missed a tricky ball and from then on it was all Rusty. He played his usual way and everything he tried came off. His potting was superb. The frenzy ended at 8-2 when the nerves set in and he started missing easier balls.

watch the video, see all the big shots..

Woods pulled a couple back but Rusty led 9-4. Another scrappy frame, Rusty had a tough black for the win but missed it. Woods missed his last ball leaving Rusty an easier shot for the win but missed it as well but snookered Woods, he subesequently fouled and Rusty potted the black for his first AEBF National Singles title. comments by Dane Beeton –



more videos to follow

more videos to follow