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mike heron billiard table

Mike Heron Billiards

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 9 to 5 Outside these hours phone before coming
                              Saturday                9 to 2 after 2pm please phone and we’ll re-open

                              Sunday Phone before coming We can usually open with 20 mins
                              Public Holidays  We are open for many of these but phone first to 
                                                           make sure. We can usually open with 20 mins

Heron & Son (Mike Heron Billiards) are manufacturers of high quality billiard tables. We make a range of billiard tables with many designs. We concentrate of strength and playing features and flexibility to meet customer needs. That is why we Supply the Queensland Eight Ball Federation with competition tables and many of their players buy from us. We are renowned for great to play and perfectly true and level. To achieve this we use quality materials and designs, many of which are exclusive to us. We are proud of what we do, but we do not set out to exaggerate or deceive. The billiard, pool and snooker tables are made in our factory, where ever possible using Australian materials and labour. We guarantee all our billaird tables with specific waranties for the types of problems that occur with many tables. We also give a general warranty to cover manufacturing faults. Our promise to you is that when you get one of our billiard tables it will perform as a billiard, snooker or pool table should regardless of price. It will play true, the bounce will be good, it will be built strong.

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Pool Champ Special: shown above with Traditional Cushions, also available with Professional Cap below