south east zone, womens singles

The South East Zone Womens Singles was hottly contesteted over the weekend. Sixteen ladies arrived on time to perfectly fill the 16-players double elimination draw.

On the winners side the first time around seen Sharron Brown 5 defeat Lauren Jelly 3. Sending Lauren to the oppersite side of the draw to play Kerri Collins who just defeated Irene Wood on the losers side. Lauren came up trumps 4 – 3 over Kerri.

The first Grand Final seen Sharron narrowly defeated by Lauren 5 – 3. As lauren came through the double elimiation side she was required to play Sharron once again. Lauren kicked into over drive in the second final best of nine and defeated Sharron 5 – 0.

The top five girls from the south east zone to advance to the State Final eight are, Lauren Jelly, Sharron Brown, Kerri Colllins, Nicole Fielding and Iren Wood. Best of luck Ladies.