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1. For SEQ Players of Country v City B & C grades above a certain % [66.7% for 2007-8] must play a grade higher for all state events in the following year.
2. The Player of the Carnival award will go to the player on most wins: in the event of a tie, the player on the highest percentage; and if still tied, the player winning the most frames in the final/s playoff if applicable.
3. To be eligible for Player of the Carnival a player may only miss a maximum of 3 frames, not all from the same match.
4. SEQ Team entries to the Country v City event will not be accepted unless the full affiliation fees for an Association are paid by the April meeting of QEBF.
5. SEQ Country v City team names, relevant grade lists and fees must be forwarded to the Tournament Director/Committee by the end of the second week in May. (fees to the Treasurer)
6. SEQ Open trials - DROP ONE rule. A player's final total will comprise the best five ranker scores plus the singles score.


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