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Management committee members

The management committee must have at least three members. The committee must include the offices of President and Treasurer (one person cannot be both President and Treasurer). All incorporated associations must have a Secretary and many choose to include this position on the management committee.

Should an office bearer’s position become vacant, the management committee may either hold an election or choose an individual to act in this position until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) where an election must be called to fill the vacancy permanently. You must notify us of any changes to the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer within one month of the vacancy occurring by lodging Association Incorporation Form 10a - Change of details relating to an incorporated association (PDF, 271 KB).

Register of members

Your incorporated association is required to keep a register of members. It is also recommended you keep a register of committee members as part of your records. Under privacy laws, any person has the right to inspect records kept about them (e.g. membership details) and seek correction if they believe they are inaccurate.

Financial obligations

Financial reporting requirements
Your incorporated association must prepare annual financial statements for reporting purposes.

Annual returns
Your management committee must ensure financial statements are prepared and presented at the annual general meeting for approval.

Having your incorporated association’s annual financial statements audited.

Record keeping
You need to keep proper records so that your incorporated association’s financial affairs can be properly audited.

Annual return form

Within one month of the AGM, your incorporated association must:

  • complete and lodge Associations Incorporation form 12 - Annual return of association
  • pay the $41.00 fee.

You will be sent this form within one month of your incorporated association’s financial year ending. If you do not receive or need another copy of this form, please send a request to our Registration Services branch.


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