The Current Queensland Eight Ball Federation Tournament Rules.


public liability insurancePublic Liability Insurance that is recommended on the Fair Trading website.

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Management committee members

The management committee must have at least three members. The committee must include the offices of President and Treasurer (one person cannot be both President and Treasurer). All incorporated associations must have a Secretary and many choose to include this position on the management committee.

Should an office bearer’s position become vacant, the management committee may either hold an election or choose an individual to act in this position until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) where an election must be called to fill the vacancy permanently. You must notify us of any changes to the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer within one month of the vacancy occurring by lodging Association Incorporation Form 10a - Change of details relating to an incorporated association (PDF, 271 KB).

Register of members

Your incorporated association is required to keep a register of members. It is also recommended you keep a register of committee members as part of your records. Under privacy laws, any person has the right to inspect records kept about them (e.g. membership details) and seek correction if they believe they are inaccurate.

Financial obligations

Financial reporting requirements
Your incorporated association must prepare annual financial statements for reporting purposes.

Annual returns
Your management committee must ensure financial statements are prepared and presented at the annual general meeting for approval.

Having your incorporated association’s annual financial statements audited.

Record keeping
You need to keep proper records so that your incorporated association’s financial affairs can be properly audited.

Annual return form

Within one month of the AGM, your incorporated association must:

  • complete and lodge Associations Incorporation form 12 - Annual return of association
  • pay the $41.00 fee.

You will be sent this form within one month of your incorporated association’s financial year ending. If you do not receive or need another copy of this form, please send a request to our Registration Services branch.


The doping policy has changed!


With the beginning of 2010 just around the corner, there are some changes in the anti-doping world that you need to know about.

The first of particular note is that the new Prohibited List has been released, and will come into effect on 1 January 2010.

On another note, I’m really pleased about ASADA’s new website. If you’ve not yet seen it, visit Some of the feedback we received from athletes and support personnel in June this year was that information on the old website could be a bit tricky to find. So we’ve taken that on board, and have created a new website, that is interactive and very easy to navigate.

DesignCurrent assets and revenue of each level association


Level 1 Current assets of more than $100 000, or total revenue of more than $100 000. A certified accountant or auditor must audit the financial statements of a level 1 association.
Level 2 Current assets between $20 000 and $100 000, and/or total revenue between $20 000 and $100 000.

A certified accountant or auditor, or a person approved by the Director-General of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, must verify the financial statements of a level 2 association.

The verification statement must state ‘I have sighted the association’s financial records and the financial records show that the association has bookkeeping processes in place to adequately record the association’s income and expenditure and dealings with its assets and liabilities’.

Level 3 Current assets of less than $20 000 and total revenue of less than $20 000.

The president or treasurer must verify the financial statements of a level 3 association.

The verification statement must state ‘The association keeps financial records in a way which properly records the association’s income and expenditure and dealings with its assets and liabilities’.

Download or edit and print online

Setting up and closing down an association

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 1 - Application for incorporation of an association (PDF, 337 KB)
To incorporate a non-profit association in Queensland.

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 2 - Application for exemption from using the word 'incorporated' (PDF, 262 KB)
To leave the word 'incorporated' out of your incorporated association name.

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 3 - Application for approval to use an unsuitable name (PDF, 201 KB)
To use an unsuitable name in your incorporated association name.

PDF icon

Association Incorporations Form 9a - Application for voluntary winding up of an incorporated association (PDF, 275 KB)
To close down an incorporated association.

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 21 - Application for approval to conduct audit or provide verification statement (PDF, 244 KB)
To approve auditor's ability to audit your incorporated association.



Changing the constitution

DOC icon

Model rules in Word format (doc, 99 KB)
To adapt or use for your own association. It covers membership, fees, voting rights and more.

PDF icon

Model rules in PDF format (PDF, 85 KB)
To adapt or use for your own association. It covers membership, fees, voting rights and more.

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 8 - Application to register an amendment of rules (PDF, 326 KB)
To make a formal amendment to your constitution.



Telling us about changes

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 10a - Change of details relating to an incorporated association (PDF, 271 KB)
To tell us when your incorporated association, secretary, president or treasurer changes address.

PDF icon

Associations Incorporation Form 4 - Application for registration of a change of name (PDF, 218 KB)
To change the name of your incorporated association.

1. For SEQ Players of Country v City B & C grades above a certain % [66.7% for 2007-8] must play a grade higher for all state events in the following year.
2. The Player of the Carnival award will go to the player on most wins: in the event of a tie, the player on the highest percentage; and if still tied, the player winning the most frames in the final/s playoff if applicable.
3. To be eligible for Player of the Carnival a player may only miss a maximum of 3 frames, not all from the same match.
4. SEQ Team entries to the Country v City event will not be accepted unless the full affiliation fees for an Association are paid by the April meeting of QEBF.
5. SEQ Country v City team names, relevant grade lists and fees must be forwarded to the Tournament Director/Committee by the end of the second week in May. (fees to the Treasurer)
6. SEQ Open trials - DROP ONE rule. A player's final total will comprise the best five ranker scores plus the singles score.



Australian Eight Ball Federation


As part of the AEBF’s new anti doping policy and recognition by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) we are required to report to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) any player who has a current Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemption (ATUE).

This is any player who is on a prescribed medication which is on the banned substance list and has been to see their GP and had them sign the ATUE form saying there are no other medications suitable to treat their condition.

Under the new AEBF anti-doping policy any player competing in an AEBF sanctioned event that is on a prescribed medication that is on the banned substance list will need to have a current ATUE.

If the player does not have a current ATUE and tests positive to their prescribed medication they are in breach of the AEBF anti-doping policy and will be subject to sanctions under the anti-doping policy.

Copies of the form required to be completed by the players GP to seek ATUE can be found on the ASADA webpage

The ASADA Hotline on 1800 020 506 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM AEST 7 days a week. (under the billiards section)



Read more: Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemption

Tsh Heading

The Secretary's Handbook



Incorporated Associations


The Department collects information, including personal information, on these forms for the purposes of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999. In line with this legislation, a register of this information and any documents required by the Department is available for the public to inspect (a fee applies).

Under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, incorporated associations must lodge an annual return with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) within one month after their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The annual return consists of copies of certain documents accompanying Form 12 - Annual Return of Association. This form must be completed after the AGM to notify OFT of any changes to the association's postal address, office bearers, auditor and bank details.

Please note that OFT will send this form to your association's postal address, and it is not available for download from this website.

Queensland is using the Australian Eight Ball Federation ASADA Doping Policy as a guideline on anti-doping.


Fees and Levies as per QEBF AGM 2007








Player Fees and Levies           2008

Affiliation Fee (Senior)       $8                     per member

Affiliation Fee (Junior)        $5                     per member

Junior Levy Scale               $1                     per member

State Events

State Senior Event Fee      $22                   per member

State Junior Event Fee       $11                  per member


Read more: Fees and Levies

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