6.1 President

  • Provide effective leadership of the Federation and ensure Management committee and Federation initiatives are consistently applied only in the best interests of the sport of Eightball
  • Ensure the operations of the Federation are conducted in a proper, professional and ethical manner in accordance with sound business principles and best practice.
  • Also, ensure that Federation business in conducted in accordance with the Constitution, Regulations and Federation policy generally.
  • Chair all meeting of the Management committee and General Council.
  • Represent the Federation in public.
  • Report regularly to Members on the operations and initiatives of the Federation; and
  • Liaise with Members and other organizations on behalf of the Federation.

QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The president usually chairs the management committee and will also play a major role in the incorporated association’s meetings. Under the model rules, the president is required to chair all meetings he/she attends. If the president cannot attend a meeting for any given reason, another member of the management committee can be nominated as chair.

6.2 Vice-President

  • Generally assist the President and act in the absence of the President.
  • Provide specialist advice and facilitation with Federation Development Plans or other major initiatives. 

6.3 Secretary

  • Receive and conduct all correspondence on behalf of the Federation.
  • Take and maintain minutes of all Management committee, General Council, AGM and SGM meetings.
  • Maintain master copies and a register of amendments to the Constitution and By-laws.

QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The secretary is primarily responsible for managing the records of the incorporated association. The secretary will also: 

  • take and keep minutes for the incorporated association’s meetings 
  • keep the register of members 
  • take nominations for the management committee • provide appropriate notice to members for meetings 
  • call and convene special general meetings • arrange the meeting venue and prepare the agenda 
  • coordinate any correspondence or reports to be presented at meetings 
  • circulate the minutes of meetings to members
  • complete any actions arising from meetings that require correspondence 
  • receive all incorporated association correspondence and bring urgent matters to the attention of the president or treasurer if necessary.

6.4 Treasurer

  • Control Federation finances
  • Maintain the Federation’s accounts and financial records.
  • Regularly report to all member organizations and the Management committee on the Federation’s financial position.
  • Prepare annual financial statements and arrange for a formal annual audit.
  • Present the Audited Annual Financial Statements to the AGM.

QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The treasurer is primarily responsible for the financial management of the incorporated association. The treasurer will: 

  • keep and maintain an asset register for the incorporated association 
  • manage the petty cash balance and ensure the petty cash book is kept up-to-date 
  • keep all documentation for payments made including receipts, invoices and statements 
  • keep and maintain the incorporated association’s deposit and cheque books 
  • ensure all payments are approved or ratified by the management committee and are recorded in the minutes 
  • keep all financial records in Queensland 
  • keep either a receipt book of consecutively numbered receipts, or computer system records of them.

6.5 Media Officer

  • Initiate, or assist with development of marketing and sponsorship plans and strategies; and
  • Liaise with the media and all member organizations to maximise the Federation’s media exposure and promotion of Eightball throughout the media.

6.6 Director of Junior Development

  • Devise, subject to approval of the Management committee, implement and regularly report on approved junior development initiatives.
  • Provide advice to Members, the Management committee and General Council in relation to participation in Eightball by young people.


6.7 Umpires Director

  • Develop initiatives designed to expand the number of qualified umpires and adjudicators.
  • Develop and regularly review Tournament Rules and Procedures for Eightball.
  • Develop codes of behaviour for all players and officials
  • Obtain approval of the Management committee for all rules and procedures, and codes of behaviour.

6.8 Coaching Director

  • Develop, implement and report on all skills coaching development initiatives.

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