via email: Hello there… My username on this website

Hello there… My username on this website i have just found is Nice1oz and im from Gladstone, QLD… I now live in Manchester, England and have done so for 15 years now… My pool playing career started when i was 15 in a little town my grandfather pioneered just outside of Gladstone called Tannum Sands… I have traveled all over the world and played pool with and beaten some of the greatest players on earth including many individual country & previous world singles champions from France, UK, Jersey/Gernsy, OZ… I once was in a pub pool team here in the Tameside (Manchester UK) Weekly League in 93 and 94 that had three world champions on one team… I would bet my life you would never see that anywhere on this earth ever again… I played on that team for 13 years in all and i have played many weekly Leagues on most weekday evenings from all the surrounding areas here in Manchester, England and i once even travelled to Blackpool once a week to play for a team in a weekly League
there (around 50 miles each way)… The game of 8 Ball/Pool is my life and means everything to me… You only have to say the word and my ears prick up, tune in and completely gone… I have never been married and have never had children as i was just building my financual fortune constantly here in the UK which has taken many many years  and a lot longer than i would have liked, in the field of computer gaming…  Anyways i started a pool league in gladstone when i was 18 or 19 so a team of us could play in the 1992 city versus country championships which we place about 3rd i believe from memory… I had previuosly played for the gold coast in 1991 in Harvey Bay and won there as well. I moved back to gladstone after that that win with the gold coast and the game of pool became my total life… I converted a motorbike seat at a appulsester to carry my 2 piece pool cue and started to play in every competition i could enter from pubs to leagues to the pinnicle each year of the city
versus country championships were i returned with the team i put together in 1992 and we won it in 1993… After i leaft for england to play snooker on the 9th of sept 1993 the team fell appart without my captainacy abilities and they never returned to defend their crown… When we won the competition in 1993 we were undefeated and thrashed the GOLD COAST in the final who were all my former team from 1991 in this competition… I now look at this website i have found with excitement as my days here in the UK are coming to a end and im going to return home to Tannum Sands where i have built a house in neighbouring Gladstone that totally has been built from scratch to accomodate my life long hobbie… The team i played with are all still living there and are waiting and ready for me to return from the UK here, take the reins back up of the team and compete for the title once again… When we originally competed and won the title all those years ago we had to create a seperate pool
assosiation for the town of Gladstone as the Gladstone 8 Ball Assosation would not pay the $250 or $300 fee to be assosiated with the Queensland 8 Ball assosiation… So we the players paid this fee split amongest ourselves so we could enter this competition and i went out and built the Port Curtis Eightball League and we signed up i believe what was about 50 members that was needed to be reconisiged by the state body… So we are going to have to build this body again so we can enter this competition once again id say! Is it still 50 members you need to have to be affilited with the QLD state 8 ball assosiation? I see the fee is $8 per player now instead of the $5 it was back then now as far as i can make out from this website. Is that correct? Also can you please publish on the city country tab of this website all the past winners of this competition from when this competition began in all 4 divisions from now on? You will see us there and its good practise for a website im sure
you will agree as it makes it more interesting for the sites users… Plus it would not be hard for you to get this information togerther im sure… I have joined this website from here in the UK and im going to keep an eye on it from now on and im going to bookmark the site also… Im coming back home to get deeply invovled with the sport from where my house is in Gladstone and im going to be entering anything and everything i can with my goal being taken up again from the day i leaft QLD ozy and still burns deeply inside me to make the mens QLD team and to play for my STATE… Whether im still good enough or not is to be seen but i get better and better with constant play but at the moment im not as good as i was when i was a kid. Im 36 now and i play a very high standard of pool here in the UK where the standard of play here is amazing really so im hoping to be good enough to compete with you guys when i arrive back home… I also want to know if anyone can tell me where i would
find the story they did on myself and my team that was published in a magazine when we won the title back in 1991 as i never saw the article/spread??? Can you help me find this or point me in the correct direction who would have been in control of the publication of the coverage of this competion back then at that time and the name of the mag it went into as they took many photos of us the team and myself as the captain and did an interview with me as i personally won the state BEST and FAIREST trophie where on is awarded for each division i believe??? So many questions for you to answer here if you will as soon as possiable as i would be very very very appreciative… CHEERS!!! P.s. Please forgive me for the terriable spelling in this email above as i have written it out in a mad dash as im in a massive hurry to make an appiontment that im now really late to… CHEERS AGAIN!!!