Welcome to the Q.E.B.F website.
This site has been designed firstly to aid pool leagues and associations throughout Queensland, Australia. For all the latest info on whats happening with events in Queensland please use the left menu. Hopefully with the support of association officials we will work together and improve 8 Ball Pool in our state.

While this site is still under construction we aim to have a detailed Event Calendar that supports Tournament Results. We are also adding a Players Profile which will include a wonderful photo of the player and there history of cue sports. You may like to nominate a player and supply a summary of there playing history.
Secondary there will be a players forum were players and associations may comment on current events. Great for advertising your local pool comp or giving a polite warning about the local pool shark.
We are always interested in improving our services to cue sport and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Greg Dingle
President QEBF