2008 NQ Women’s Singles & Team Trials Result

2008 NQ Zone Women’s Singles & Team Trials Result

Temple Larkins Winner
Veronica Hill Runner-Up




Temple Larkins  Winner
Veronica Hill  Runner-Up
Kimiko Kawamura  3rd
Colleen Khan  4th
Christine Murphy 4th
Cherie Chessher  6th
Skye Hyland  6th
Leesa Chatfield  1st reserve
Evelyn Wagner  2nd reserve

Darts Club Townsville:
the result of NQ Zone Women’s Singles & Team Trial held on the weekend.
please include these players in the draw of the state events.
we held money comp on Fri & Sat night. the event was well received with 60 players, almost everyone liked JR’s tables, it turned out to be a successful event.
Let all the girls know that it is full of critters up here and they suck blood?