2011 SEQ Womens March Ranking

Sixteen player took arrived on time for the south easy zone’s first ladies ranker for the year. Twenty players  was the mark we were striving for, lets see how we go with the next one.  Good to see former state player, Tracey DOEBLIEN from Ipswich back in the field at the ladies ranker on the week-end. Looks like a good score was 20 pts + and all the state players punched around that make, BJ just a tad short on 19. Lauren and Nicole will be treveling to England again this year in June for the world 8 ball championships, all the best to all the aussie players. ….

Proposed Schedule for SEQ Women
Event: QLD State Womens Singles/Teams
Venue: South Townsville Bowls Club
Thurs.01.September Flight Bris to Townsville 19:00 > 21:25
Fri.02.September.2011 Womens Singles
Sat.03.September.2011 Team Trials
Sun.04.September.2011 Team Trials
Sun.04.September.2011 Flight Townsville to Bris 16:45 > 18:30 or 19:40  > 21:40