Tournament Rules will apply for Open Rankers

Notice: 2011 SEQ Open Ranking Tournaments
Time and table restraints following the loss of Super 8 Centre means existing
Tournament Rules will apply for Open Rankers 3 (8/5/11) and 4 (28/6/11).

1. Event numbers are capped at 60.
2. Players registered as A Grade/Div 1 from SEQ member associations are eligible. Such players accepted per current ranking order (if numbers exceed 60)
3. Players registered as B Grade/Div 2 may attend but will be balloted to any available spots to a maximum of 60 entrants.

While acknowledging many non A grade players attend and receive development for the future, the program is primarily designed to select SEQ open squad for the State Open
Team trials. Such players need high end competition with assurance the event finishes by 7pm.

Committee members – check the current ranking list and advise any of your non A grade players BEFORE ranker 3.
It was also resolved to send the SEQ Associations the following.

Attention Committee: SEQ Associations
QEBF bylaws require annual fees – $9 per player and player lists – name, grade, team, junior, female by the first Sunday in April.
SEQ committee will charge a late submission levy of $1/member if such fees and lists are not received by Treasurer/Secretary by April 30th.

City v Country team lists and fees of $200/team are due May 14th. A Late fee or exclusion may apply.