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The WEFP have an entent called Over 50's, were a Country may nominate and over 50 years of age person.

The WEPF also have a Masters event which is for any person that is considered a Master in eight ball pool. (age is open)

The AEBF have a Masters event were you must be 50 or over 50 on the first day of the Nationals.

2016 QLD Masters Singles and Team Play-off

          (male and female over 50 years of age (1st October))   Friday, 19 August 2016   Norths Cue Sports in Brisbane QLD Masters Singles South East Qld Central Qld North Qld Steve Lees Dan Denigan Noel Doyle Lenny Stein Mark Redwood Glenn Cullen Andrew Costello     Gary Ward Format: […]

2012 QEBF State Masters Final: Pat Broderick

2012 QEBF State Masters Final: Pat Broderick defeated Jack Lewis Q-MASTERS 40 Castlemaine Street Milton QLD 4064 Ph (07) 3367 1430 Saturday    14-Jul-12  9:30AM to 5PM Sunday    15-Jul-12  9:30AM to 3PM Entry Fee    $25 Format    Round Robin     Best of 5 QLD Masters STate Team are Pat Broderick (seed), Jack Lewis, Malo Chan Foon […]

Australian Masters Age Criteria

All State and Territories have adopted the AEBF Masters age criteria …. as per the "2009 Mid – Year Meeting, Canberra, ACT, Saturday July 25th 2009" Masters Age to compete at Championships Moved: Joseph Morrall – 1st October in the year of the championship, the player must have turned 50 years age Seconded: Greg Dingle […]

2010 QEBF State Masters Final: Steve Lees

Queensland State Masters Singles 2010 Champion is Steve Lees, well done champ. Steve defeated Lenny Stein in the Queensland State Masters held at Q-Masters, Milton, Brisbane. Third was Rob Munster. Therefore the Queensland Masters team would be Steve Lees, Lenny Stein and Rob Munster, also next in line is Malo Chanfoon and then Gary Proctor. […]

2009 Australian Masters Team

Players confirmed from the Masters team list for the Australian masters team to play against New Zealand at this years national 8ball championships. Australian Masters Team John Howson – John Lehman – Shan Baker – Terry Bond John Burns – Wayne Rollison – Danny Higgins – Steve Lees Emergencies in order Dave Smallwood – Dave […]